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Optional Daily BoostDrops Add-On

BoostDrops are a service we provide where we drop your username in a variety of engagement groups at set times throughout the day. These are not powerlikes since many of them are small accounts but they can revive a post or make it last for a longer period of time on the explore page. Each drop will consist of 300-800 likes spread over the course of 2 hours. They are an incredible way to keep your posts on the explore page longer. If timed properly, they can typically increase your reach by 20-30% resulting in larger follower gains.


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Have some questions?


1Where do these likes come from?
Our likes come from a combination of the biggest accounts from the most popular powerlike networks out there. What makes our service unique is that we combine the best of the best to create a network size of over 250 million users!
2Does this service guarantee that i go viral?
Absolutely not! The way the algorithm works is that once Instagram see's likes coming from all these large accounts to a post, it will display the post to a sample audience on the explore tab. If it performs well with the sample audience, then you will be pushed further up the explore tab and that is when you have the opportunity to go viral. Our service gives you that opportunity, but the content you post is entirely up to you and ultimately determines how your post performs.
3Can i post more than two times a day?
Yes! We offer our clients complete freedom with your posts. We understand that if a post is going viral, you of course want to continue posting and keep up your momentum so we've made sure you can do that freely. Every month your account is allocated a set amount of posts. If you choose to post 3 one day and only 1 another day, that's completely fine!
4Do you need my password?
Heck no! We will never ask for access to your account. We just need a username to know where to send the likes to.
5Do you provide comments as well?
No, our service is strictly for powerlikes. BoostUp Social has a community on telegram called BoostGram. Please join our free groups to get comments on your posts.
6Can i upgrade after signing up?
Yes for sure! If you need a larger package, feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to help you out.
7I want to use your service for multiple accounts. Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes we do! Please reach out to us via email or live chat and we'll be happy to work out a discounted price for you.
8What is your refund policy?
If you haven't posted or received likes from our service yet, we will issue a refund. After you've used our service once, the duration of your subscription is locked in for the billing cycle and we are not able to issue any refunds after that.
9Do you offer consulting?
Yes we do! Our team of experts will be happy to guide you through your Instagram growth journey. Please contact us for pricing.
10Will I get exactly 600 likes?
With powerlikes you must expect an allowance of + or - 25 likes on your posts. This is due to the fact that the accounts in our network have real limitations just as your own accounts do, which we would never take lightly. The safety of the accounts in our network is our #1 priority so if some have reached their hourly limit, you could potentially get a few less likes. This is one of the reasons why we suggest posting at off peak hours. This will never affect your chances of landing on the explore page and going viral.

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