Who are we?

We are a team of Instagram marketing experts who have managed to create our own powerlike network comprising of large accounts. We specialise in providing you with rapid growth services using our network, general marketing expertise and our background in growing accounts. Our prime focus is making sure that all of our clients end up on the explore page, see considerable growth & are 100% satisfied with our services.

Over the last 6 years, we have learned that one may use mundane and labour intensive techniques such as follow/unfollow or automation but they are not sustainable in the long term and they violate Instagram's policies. This will eventually lead to your account being banned and all the efforts and money spent would be in vain. We proudly promote our growth methods to be most effective whilst complying with Instagram's policies. Overtime, powerlikes will help grow and retain your follower base and you will have an active audience to engage with, all done without ever asking for access to your account.


What are powerlikes?

One can simply define Powerlikes as likes from extremely large Instagram accounts. As you may know, Instagram has something called an "explore tab" which shows the top-performing posts from users worldwide. The way our service works is that as soon as you post, you will receive several hundred powerlikes and you will end up on explore tab. When you receive powerlikes, you’re exposed to the network of the users who like your post.

Let's simplify this further using an example. Let's say that there are 20 accounts with 200,000 followers each and they all like your post. What this does is that it exposes you to a network of those 20 accounts (20*200,000), summing up to 4 million! We will provide you with powerlikes ranging from 400-700 accounts - depending on what package you opt for - with a network size of over 200 million people!


So how does this work?

Register With Us

Purchase one of our packages and wait for a representative to confirm your subscription. Once you have selected which username will receive likes, you can move onto the next step.

Post On Your Page

Once everything is set up, you are able to post on your page. Make sure to post content that has potential of going viral! Our powerlikes are very powerful and shouldn't be wasted on posts that don't have viral potential.

Receive Powerlikes

Within 10 minutes your post will start receiving powerlikes from massive accounts. You should receive up to 600 likes from a network of over 100 million users.

Go Viral

Your post is shown to a small sample audience on the explore tab. If it performs well in the first few minutes with that audience, you will be exposed to the larger network and have the potential to go viral.

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Our Results

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